A Sampling of Completed Projects...

1800 Washington Street - Amarillo, Texas

American Quarter Horse Association - Amarillo, Texas


American Quarter Horse Association Interior - Amarillo, Texas


Utility Engineering Building - Amarillo, Texas


Utility Engineering Interior - Amarillo, Texas


Utility Engineering Interior - Amarillo, Texas



Commercial structures across the Panhandle of Texas attest to the quality workmanship that the Reid & Gary Strickland Co. puts into each job.

BUILDING is an exciting event...an accomplishment filled with the promise of growth and opportunity.

It is one of the largest investments you'll ever make...and it's not without certain risks.  You know you want a quality building...and you know you want it at the best possible price.  The question is how to minimize the risks that stand in the way of making it happen.

You need a partner...a General Contractor.

One with expertise in every phase of the building process.  One that takes personal pride in the work accomplished.  A general contractor that will work for you and that will share your desire for value and building excellence...The Reid & Gary Strickland Co., looking out for your best interest, is the partner you want on your team.


"Congratulations on completion of our project here in Clovis.  We have completed a beautiful facility and is something the entire community can be proud of.  I am very pleased and satisfied with the quality of the work.  I would like to thank you and all members of your company for an outstanding job." - Robert B. Spencer , President & C.E.O., ENMRSH, Inc. - Clovis, New Mexico

"Over the past ten (10) years, Gary Strickland has served as general contractor on five (5) separate projects for our organization amounting to several million dollars in value.  In each case, the project was completed in a timely manner, the quality of work was excellent, and the costs were in line with the projections.  In addition, his structures have held up and served their intended purposes very well.  Mr. Strickland and his staff all take a keen interest in satisfying their clients and producing a outstanding product.  They are completely trustworthy and will do what they say when they say.  I am confident that Mr. Strickland and his staff can meet whatever construction needs you have and that you will enjoy doing business with them during the entire process." - Edward W. Bradley, President, Janie Corporation - Amarillo, Texas

"Their company has impressed me with their project management capabilities, field supervision, and quality of work.  Furthermore, they cooperated with the various administrative groups involved, worked diligently to satisfy the construction requirements, and conducted their business in a professional manner." - David Klein, AIA, Assistant Vice President, Leedshill-Herkenhoff, Inc. - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"My experiences with their personnel and their operations has always been good.  Their ability to manage a good sized project and the quality of their construction superintendents and office staff is excellent.  They have performed the work to both my client's and my satisfaction, and completed the work on schedule with a minimum of change orders." - Randall Kilmer, AIA, Kilmer & Associates - Clovis, New Mexico

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