Northwest Texas Rehab Hospital - Amarillo, Texas

A Sampling of Completed Projects...


Northwest Texas Rehab Hospital - Amarillo, Texas


Northwest Texas Rehab Hospital - Amarillo, Texas


Northwest Texas Rehab Hospital - Amarillo, Texas


Northwest Texas Rehab Hospital - Amarillo, Texas


Canyon Area Library - Canyon, Texas


West Texas A&M University Library - Canyon, Texas

Northwest Texas Hospital - Amarillo, Texas


Northwest Texas Hospital - Amarillo, Texas


WTAMU Old Main Building - Canyon, Texas


WTAMU Agriculture & Natural Sciences Building - Canyon, Texas


WTAMU Mary Moody Northern Hall - Canyon, Texas


Amarillo College Business & Industry Center - Amarillo, Texas


Amarillo Endodontics - Amarillo, Texas


Acute & Chronic Pain & Spine Center - Amarillo, Texas


"I would like to take a moment to express my personal appreciation and the appreciation of Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District for your efforts in the tremendous success of the recently completed Steeplepoint Instructional Support Center.  The "air of cooperation" from you and your company and the quality of workmanship exhibited on the project proved to be a very pleasant experience for us at Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D.

In Addition, I would like to commend you for the steps taken to work within the very short time schedule we were under for this project.  Because of your strict coordination of trades and concentrated efforts, we were able to occupy the building and become fully operational within four months from start of construction." - Van E Franks, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District - Houston, Texas

Be it a hospital in Amarillo, a nursing home in Spearman, or a school building in the Houston area, the Reid & Gary Strickland Co. has been there keeping on top of things.

How do we keep on top of things when there is so much going on?  It's the secret to our success, but it's really no secret at all.  It's a combination of hard work, good recordkeeping, and experienced project management and financial control systems.

Whether a project is publicly bid or is a negotiated bid with a private owner, RGS starts each project by setting up a realistic, but challenging work schedule, indicating each subcontractor's and supplier's responsibilities from start to finish.

The project team uses a guideline of past performances of jobs of similar type and size while also looking for ways in which time on the project can be shortened in order to reduce the cost.  This is where experienced project management really counts, as the team review the owner's needs, the project's phasing requirements, and deadlines to meet time constraints.  That demanding schedule is then set up in the computer, made a part of each subcontractor's contract, and used to keep each phase of the project on track.

Individual attention is given to each project by members of the management staff.  An experienced project superintendent is assigned to do the job, with his sole responsibility being the daily management of that one project.  The superintendent's full-time attention assures that the work of each trade meets the client's exact plans and specifications.  Short cuts are not tolerated.

The superintendent is also responsible for enforcing the schedule, checking job productivity and verifying the quality of workmanship.  To Strickland people, quality work does not have to cost more.  They guarantee it with competent supervision and workers trained to do the job right the first time.

Each project superintendent is supported by the main office in handling the countless details that make the field work run smoothly.  To avoid delays, all materials for the project are ordered within 30 days of contract award.  Providing proper manpower and equipment at the right time is the responsibility of the office.  All shop drawings, warranty books, accounting and record-keeping are handled by Strickland office staff personnel.  This backup support frees the superintendent to provide his full time to the duties of efficiently overseeing the project.

The Reid & Gary Strickland Co. has remained competitive during its long tenure in the construction business by managing its projects better...and that means keeping on top of things.

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