It is the policy of Reid & Gary Strickland Co. to construct a quality project from its inception through final completion and acceptance by the Owner.  RGS will take positive steps to ensure quality in each phase of construction and will expect participation from its subcontractors to maintain the highest possible level of quality.  Further, RGS and its subcontractors will cooperate with representatives of the Owner in conforming accurately to the plans and specifications.  Quality does not happen by chance.  It is a conscience and focused effort by all members of the construction team to accomplish time after time.


 1. Preconstruction Meetings:  Prior to start of actual work, meet with all subcontractors’ key people to review RGS expectations on contract requirements, quality of work and the construction work schedule, critical path items, milestone dates and deadlines.

 2. Submittals:  All submittals are received by the Project Manager, who checks them for conformity with plans and specifications, completeness and coordination with other trades, and transmits the submittals to the Owner's Representative for approval. A Submittal Log is used to document all transactions in the submittal process and to keep track of all submittals.  Every effort is made to expedite the submittal procedure and make sure it is accomplished in a timely fashion.

 3. Testing Verification:  A qualified, independent testing laboratory under the direction of the Project Manager and Project Superintendent will do control testing.  The extent of the testing is per the specifications.  Verbal notice will be given to the Owner's Representative twenty-four (24) hours in advance of all concrete pours and laboratory testing.

 4. Field Superintendent Review with Trade Foremen:  Prior to each trade starting their portion of the work, the RGS Superintendent reviews with the trade foreman the scope and quality of the work that is expected from the subcontractors’ workmen.  Also included in the briefing is safety requirements and jobsite housekeeping.

 5. Inspections:  Field inspections will be conducted by the Project Superintendent on a daily basis.  Special attention will be given to the receipt of materials delivered to the site and to those subcontractors entering the site to begin work for the first time. The Project Manager with the Project Superintendent will make weekly inspections in attendance.  Any deficiency noted either by the Project Manager or the Project Superintendent will be noted in the deficiency log and brought to the attention of the responsible trade contractor.  A plan of action to correct the deficiency and a time for doing so will be determined.  Upon completion of the corrective work, the Project Superintendent will enter into the deficiency log the date that the deficiency was corrected. 

 6. Punch List:  Towards the completion of the Project.  The Project Manager with the Project Superintendent in attendance will prepare a punch list covering all subcontractors’ work which are deemed inadequate or in nonconformance with the plans and specifications.  Upon correction to the satisfaction of RGS of the items listed, the Project will be submitted to the Owner’s representatives for their inspection and approval.

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